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Law Office of Charlotte C. Lin practices consumer protection in the cryptocurrency industry for miners, traders, crypto-startups, and anyone involved in the “crypto” industry.  (For any inquiries about the class action against KnCMiner, please go directly to www.kncclassaction.com.)

Consumers have rights under both state and federal laws to seek redress for products that were designed with defect or manufactured with defect. Consumers also have redresses for products that do not perform as advertised.

Oftentimes, it can be cost prohibitive for one consumer to hire an attorney for an individual lawsuit against a company. However, state and federal laws enable certain consumers to fight back against companies in the form of class actions. A handful of consumers can represent a class of all consumers that purchased the defective or falsely advertised product. The benefit in a class action is that the attorneys represent the class as a whole and gets compensated in a share of the recovery. Another benefit to a class action is that a class action creates a big enough risk for the defendant to compel the defendant to acknowledge its legal responsibilities and provide just compensation to the class member.

While the “crypto” industry and Bitcoin mining industry is relatively new, the laws for consumer protection are still relevant. If you believe you have a claim against a company for defective design, defective manufacturing, or false advertising, please let us know. We will review your case at no cost or obligation to you.

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